We are well known for our pop up canopies, They are high quality, waterproof and very affordable. We have a variety of colours and different types of canopies, take a look below.



Most popular is our King Kong range available in sizes; 2x2, 3x2, 3x3, 3x4.5 and a variety of colours to suit most needs.

All parts are fully replaceable from stock and can be fitted in minutes.

Top sheets are fully waterproof, a full range of accessories such as side walls, weight, bags, gutters, straps and pegs are always available to suit your needs.




2x2- £189.00

3x3- £229.00

With 4 sides

Our compact model is ideal to fit in small vehicles using 40mm aluminium to give full size canopy comes complete with 4 sides and roll on bag, in 2 sizes.


Our luxury canopy model uses our king kong frame with a beige and white canopy with 4 sides that can be scalloped as shown or zipped together to fully enclose the unit. available in 3x2m fame size.

£169.00 with 4 sides

Price List.

3x2 and 3x3 Steel Frame and roller bag-       £99.00

3x4.5 Steel Frame and roller bag-                £139.00

3x2 and 3x3 Top Sheet-                             £50.00

3x4.5 Top Sheet-                                      £65.00

3x2 and 3x5 Side Sheets-                           £15.00

3x4.5 Side Sheets-                                    £20.00

2x2 Luxury including sides-                         £129.00

3x2 Luxury including sides-                         £169.00

2x2 Compact ally 40mm w/ top & 4 sides-     £189.00

3x3 Compact ally 40mm w/ top & 4sides-      £229.00

Half wall kit-                                            £25.00

Banner kit-                                              £25.00

4 tie downs-                                            £12.00

XL stakes-                                              £5.00

Heavy duty peg-                                      £0.60

Weight bag-                                            £8.00